What are the SDG Labs?



SDG Labs (Sustainable Development Goals) emerge by initiative of Future Earth, Stockholm Resilience Centre from the University of Stockholm and The University of Tokio Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science, within the framework of these two Conferences happening in August in the city of Stockholm:


In February 2017 an international call was launched for presenting proposals of SDG Labs with the aim of generating new ideas and innovations towards the accomplishment of the SDG. From the 331 proposals that applied from all over the world, 10 prioritized where selected . Among those proposals is the one that was presented by Altekio, initiatives toward sustainability, S. Coop. Mad and the Social-Ecosystems Laboratory of the Autonomous University of Madrid, named:


Collaborative Thinking for Greener Cities


The outcomes of every SDG Lab selected will be presented in a joint event of both Conferences in August.

Here you can find more information about the selected SDG Labs.

What is the SDG Lab Madrid about?

Collaborative Thinking for Greener Cities is a two-days long workshop where the participants explore the concept of re-naturalization of the cities, how to strengthen and boost Ecosystem Services within the urban landscape, through collaborative partnerships and measures in order to improve processes that lead a proper functioning of the ecosystems.

This approach is related with the following 8 SDG from the 17 stablished by the United Nations:

Sustainable Development Goals that the SDG Lab Madrid relates to


3. Good Health and Well-being

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

13. Climate Action

15. Life on Land

17. Partnerships for the Goals

Main Goal

The main goal of the SDG Lab Madrid is to generate a dialogue searching for collaboration among different stakeholders related somehow with ecosystems in the urban environment and with the development of inter-sectorial initiatives, looking for synergies that can thrive the startup of Nature-based Solutions as mechanisms towards the improvement of Ecosystem Services.

Specific Goals

  • To create a discussion forum about Climate Change and Urban Social-Ecosystems with a systemic integral approach.
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources among participants, synthesized in collaborative solutions to improve resilience in Spanish Cities.
  • To prototype between different stakeholders co-designed solutions with collaborative methodologies, that can be developed and replicated in the future.
  • To create a network of organizations interested in the re-naturalization of the cities facilitating the connections for experiences and learnings sharing and to allow support from different stakeholders.
  • To generate impact outwards the SDG Lab publishing on-line the outcomes and dissemination in Social Media.


Participant Organizations


Altekio, iniciativas hacia la sostenibilidad, S.Coop.Mad., 2017