SDG Lab Starts

It is time to start the SDG Lab ‘Collaborative Thinking for Greener Cities‘ in which we have put a great effort to take care of the design in order to make a productive event where we will look for synergies among multi-stakeholders from different sectors working with the concept of ‘re-naturalization of the cities’ and the improvement of ecosystem services in urban environments.

Near 70 people from more than 50 institutions and organizations from different parts of Spain are registered in the event.

During the design we decided to have a two days workshop, on the one hand, to facilitate the participation of people from different locations in Spain and, on the other hand, to develop a series of dynamics that allow the exploration of different ways of collaboration.

Starting with an appreciative inquiry, the participants of the workshop will present their experiences within the topic of the SDG Lab, with the aim of finding connections and common points with other initiatives, which will be done through the format of forum.

In the second day, we will work the connections and synergies identified the previous day, to “play” with materials for collectively think of prototypes of collaborative solutions. This practice of prototyping helps us activate our creative mind and identify innovative ideas.

From these prototyped solutions, we will think together on how could they be carried out and, from the organizing team, we would love some of them to be implemented in the future.

The closing of the conference will be open to the public audience, where we will present the prototypes designed and the ideas that have been generated.

The results will be presented at the Conferences: Resilience 2017 and International Conference on Sustainability Science, to be held in Stockholm in August this year.

We hope that the SDG Lab will be a pleasant and nourishing experience for the participants and that in the future we will talk about it when we observe a initiative of re-naturalization of the city set in motion by the collaboration between different agents.

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