SDG Lab Session 1: Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative inquiry is the framework to ensure that what each stakeholder participating observes about the work topic and what is their relationship or participation within this area.

During the session we explored the experiences and positions of the different agents in relation to cities in a Climate Change scenario and what they can offer to find collaborative solutions, highlighting those outstanding contributions from each part.

To do so, 6 working groups were created to start the conversation, discussing the topics and concepts that were considered more “hot” or active during the previous session. In a first phase, all the most interesting questions relating to these topics were raised in each group, in order to select a particular theme or issue for a more detailed analysis in a second phase.

The questions for the groups to answer were:

  • How can I express the topic from a positive perspective?
  • What would we like to happen with this issue?
  • Next steps to give for the dream to happen.

The dynamics concluded with a pooling in the patio of La Corrala using the technique ‘Philips 66’, creating 6 groups formed by one participant from each of the 6 working groups, where each person had 1 minute to summarize the outcome of the talks on the issues discussed.

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