SDG Lab Session 3: Prototyping and 3D Modeling

First we offered a brief introduction to the idea of prototyping from two experts in free software and design based on people. When talking about creativity, you can awaken the doubts in each person about their ability to create, so in a brief exercise in pairs, each person remembered a moment in which he or she had created something of what he/she feels satisfied and what qualities for that creation time could be useful now.

From the key issues, we walked in silence for the space, to listen within oneself what problem he/she wanted to address, what topic or question he/she wanted to get down from conceptual to action or what initiative he/she wanted to scale up. This is a way of approaching prototyping from mock-ups.

All the proposals written down at individual papers were grouped in 6 main ideas, that would rise in 6 prototypes. The key ideas for these prototypes in the context of achieving more sustainable cities based on the collaboration between social actors were:

  • How to make good decisions in public participation processes
  • How to create networks in the current context
  • How to better communicate to disseminate relevant information on urban sustainability
  • How to root cities from food and rural-urban relations
  • How to move from the present cities to sustainable cities
  • Public spaces incorporating Nature-based Solutions and significative social relationships

The design process starts from the elements that each participant bring, making collaborative prototyping solutions using 3D Modeling methodology in mock-ups to enhance creativity searching for co-designed actions where all the participating agents play a role and offer their contribution, experience and skills.

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