SDG Lab Session 2: Open forum for multi-agent dialogue

In this second session we facilitated a dialogue between the different stakeholders to explore common points or connections to work together in a collaborative way searching for solutions to improve Ecosystem Services in the city towards fostering resilience to Climate Change.

Bringing the question: ‘how to collaborate facing Climate Change?’ The dialogue begins from four initial positions: companies, public administrations, organized civil society and academia.

Each of these positions was initially occupied by a person who spoke on behalf of that sector for 3 minutes. From there, these positions began to be occupied by different people, some of whom moved from one position to another. The different voices were adding functions, aspects, nuances to the role that each of these social sectors can fulfill in relation to this topic.

Some of the moments of approach between sectors were to recognize our ability to be in several of those positions according to the context, as well as the difficulties or tiredness experienced in these positions in front of such a complex subjects as Global Change, Climate Change or multiple crises.

Some of the moments of greater divergence revolved around the interests and benefits that each of these social actors obtain in the participation and collaboration in sustainability initiatives.

The group identified some ‘hot spots’, points of maximum diversity of opinions to learn from it, as well as ‘cool spots’ or points of maximum approach between positions to identify the keys to the collaboration, from which we start working on the following session.

Parallel to the development of the forum, a graphic facilitator was reflecting on a mural the issues that were emerging during the dialogue, identifying highlights, points of convergence and divergence.

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